Rainbow High Cheer Violet Willow Doll



Rainbow High Cheer Violet Willow features a purple-haired fashion doll with articulated legs and arms for poses and wears her cheerleading outfit!

Inspired by the animated series from YouTube filled with bold fashions, Rainbow High brings the coolest addition to their curriculum in the form of Rainbow High Cheer Violet Willow Doll! Violet Willow comes with purple hair as well as long lashes and is one of Rainbow High’s beautiful students.

Her 11-inch doll version features fully-articulation and wears a cheerleading outfit in Violet Willow’s signature glamorous and diva style, a pair of cheerleading shoes, a pair of cheer socks, a set of pom-poms, hair accessories and a comb, making Rainbow High Cheer Violet Willow Doll a wonderful add-on to your child’s collection!


  • Rainbow High Cheer Ruby Anderson Doll includes:
    • 1 Fashion Doll
    • 1 Cheerleading Outfit
    • 1 Pair of Cheer Shoes
    • 1 Pai of Cheer Socks
    • 1 Set of Pom-Poms
    • 1 Cheerleader Bow
    • Barrettes
    • 1 Haircomb
  • The full-articulated fashion doll comes with sparkly eyes, long lashes, brushable shiny purple hair.
  • We recommend washing Violet Willow’s hair thoroughly using some shampoo or a dish soap after unboxing to get rid of her hair gel then let it air dry to make her hair brushable.
  • Collect all of the newest Rainbow High Cheer Fashion Dolls to see all the colours of the rainbow in their doll form (each sold separately).
  • Product Dimensions: 30.5cm x 8.1cm x 20.3cm
  • Suitable for kids, ages 4 years and older.

Allow your young fashionista to display their glamorous and diva personality as they cheer for Rainbow High with the Rainbow High Cheer Violet Willow Doll!