Rainbow Crayons 6-Piece Set



The Rainbow Crayons 6-Piece Set lets kids have the basic colours in their arsenal!

Introduce your child to the fun of the colouring world with the Rainbow Crayons 6-Piece Set! This crayon set comes with colours Violet, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Red that kids can use in school and at home. With the colours of the rainbow complete, the Rainbow Crayons 6-Piece Set will surely help your child get to explore the fun world of colouring by filling in some colouring books or creating their very own masterpiece!


  • The Rainbow Crayons 6-Piece Set includes:
    • 1 Violet Crayon
    • 1 Green Crayon
    • 1 Yellow Crayon
    • 1 Orange Crayon
    • 1 Blue Crayon
    • 1 Red Crayon
  • Perfect for school and homework, colouring books and artworks!
  • Made with non-toxic ingredients.
  • Each crayon measures 7cm.
  • Suitable for kids from ages 3 years and older.

Encourage your child to take a step into a colourful world filled with art when you let them use the Rainbow Crayons 6-Piece Set at home and in school.