Puzzle Adventure Stories The Impossible Maze



Challenge your young ones problem-solving skill with The Impossible Maze from Puzzle Adventure Stories.

They are back! Ned, Ruby and Mungo the dog! Set in a magical fairground ride, they need to complete various mazes. Help them spot the differences and let your kids play logic games and a lot more.


  • Guarantees hours of puzzling fun for kids.
  • A fun way to develop your child’s critical thinking.
  • Collect all Puzzle Adventure Stories (each sold separately).
  • Written by Dr Gareth Moore and Moreno Chiacchiera.
  • Format: Paperback with 32 pages.
  • Product Dimension: 28 cm × 21.70 cm × 0.30 cm
  • Suitable for kids aged 7 and above.

Give your child a healthy mental exercise with the Puzzle Adventure Stories The Impossible Maze.