Playmobil Space Mars Space Station Set



Playmobil Mars Space Station Set readies your child for a successful space mission

Let your child explore the undiscovered world with the Playmobil Mars Space Station! Aside from two astronauts and their robot with an interchangeable face, the station has everything one needs for an awesome space exploration including an illuminated central hub to guide the astronauts back to the base, a ramp for entrance, sleeping compartments, an analysis laboratory, docking stations, fitness pieces of equipment, a movable laser gun for defence, alarm lights and sounds for emergencies, radio contact, jet propulsion and space noises!

Equipped with lights and sounds, this Playmobil Mars Space Station Set will make your child feel like they’re operating the real thing!


  • The Playmobil Mars Space Station Set includes:
    • 2 Astronaut Figures
    • 1 Robot Figure
    • 1 Space Station
    • 1 Computer
    • 1 Telescope
    • 1 Video Recorder
    • Tools
    • Food Supplies
    • Space Crystals
  • The space station’s roof is removable to access the interior for hands-on experience.
  • The space station features lights and sound effects that include functioning lights for the central hub, illuminated station interior, alarm lights, and sounds, radio contact, jet propulsion and space background noises.
  • The figure can sit, stand and bend.
  • Product Dimensions: 50cm x 28cm x 20cm
  • Requires 2 AAA Batteries.
  • Suitable for children from ages 6 years and up.

Encourage your child’s enthusiasm for Outerspace adventures through play with the Playmobil Mars Space Station Set.