Playmobil City Action Fire Brigade Fire Truck 9466



Playmobil City Action Fire Brigade Truck makes short work of big fires

Playmobil allows children to create their own worlds in miniature, with sets ranging from simple moveable figures to more complex buildable structures, both of which allow open-ended play and for your child’s imagination to flourish.

The Playmobil City Action Fire Brigade Fire Truck (9466) is an impressively equipped unit that is fitted with a fire fighting fire extinguisher cannon mounted on top together with working lights and sounds to get to the fire scene quick smart and all the tools the included firefighter might need.


  • The Playmobil Fire Brigade truck is packed full of firefighter fun.
  • Includes Fire Fighting Fire Extinguisher Cannon.
  • Part of the City Action Range from Playmobil
  • Suitable for ages 5 – 10.


Bring the world into a miniature size with the Playmobil City Action Fire Brigade Truck and let your children imaginations soar.