Play School Nursery Rhyme Treasury



Play School Nursery Rhyme Treasury is a great way to introduce your kids to books.

Each page of this book is filled with popular nursery rhymes that you can share with your young ones. The pages are filled with illustration from Australians popular children’s book illustrators. Superb and vibrant colours were used to give life to the pictures painted on each book.


  • Play School Nursery Rhyme Treasury supports Pre-School learning curriculum.
  • The illustration was done by Kerry Argent, Kim Gamble, Alison Lester, Kilmeny Niland, Donna Rawlins and Julie Vivas, Australian popular children’s book illustrators.
  • Guarantees hours of quality time with your kids as you use the book to teach them popular nursery rhymes.
  • The format of the book is paperback with 32 pages.
  • Product Dimension: 27 cm x 22.5 cm x 0.3 cm.
  • This book is suitable for kids 3 years of age and above.

Bring home Play School Nursery Rhyme Treasury and sing with your kids as they learn the same nursery rhymes taught to us when we were young.