Play Felt Here Come the Dinosaurs



Play Felt Here Come the Dinosaurs is an interactive storybook that can inspire your kids.

Play Felt Here Come the Dinosaurs is an exciting paperback activity book for your kids; and, each page of the book shows a colourful and playful scene. With an interactive yet simple story that your kids can follow, they can use the 20 reusable play felt pieces of cute and friendly dinosaurs to create the scenes.

This book helps the development of your kid’s fine motor and visual recognition skills by creating each scene based on simple instructions. It inspires your kid’s creativity and imagination while improving their eyes and hand coordination. It also fuels your child’s curiosity towards the pre-historic animals.


  • Here Comes the Dinosaurs by Play Felt includes:
    • 1 activity book.
    • 20 reusable play felt dinosaur pieces.
  • It helps to develop your kid’s eyes and hand coordination, fine motor skills, visual recognition and creativity for a fun imaginative play without the use of mobile phones, tablets or gadgets.
  • The activity book was written by Oakley Graham.
  • It supports the Pre-School learning curriculum.
  • The format is paperback with 48 pages.
  • Product dimension: 23.90 cm × 20.30 cm × 1.90 cm.
  • This book is suitable for your kids aged 3 and above.

Support your child’s early learning and development with the Play Felt Here Come the Dinosaurs.