Plan Toys Number 1-10 Wooden Blocks



Learning numbers is as easy as 123 when you have the Plan Toys Number 1-10 Wooden Blocks to keep kids engaged.

Repetition of concepts is key to early learning, and the Plan Toys Number 1-10 Wooden Blocks ensure that youngsters have plenty of opportunities to learn their numbers. Each set includes 20 double-sided tiles for multiple ways of recognising and learning the numbers. Side 1 has the numerical symbol, side 2 has dots for the number, side 3 has a word with the name of the number spelled out, and side 4 has images representing each number.

Plan Toys Number 1-10 wooden tiles provide endless creative ways for learning and play. The titles can be used for stacking, sorting, and matching. With open-ended play, little ones can learn to read, write and count their numbers from 1 to 10 even as they are having fun.


  • Plan Toys Number 1-10 is a 20-piece double-sided wooden tileset that shows number concepts in different ways:
  • Written number
  • Dots for each number
  • Word or spelling for specific numbers
  • Images that represent the numbers (I.e. 3 trees, 7 fishes etc.)
  • Tiles measure .8 x 5.6 x 7.11 cm, perfect for preschooler’s hands.
  • Encourages matching, sorting and stacking activities
  • Develops reading, writing and counting skills, along with fine motor development
  • All Plan Toys toys are sustainably made from rubberwood trees, water-based dyes, organic pigments and formaldehyde-free glues.
  • Materials are tested to meet US and EU toy standards.
  • Suitable for toddlers ages 2+ years

Prepare children for school as they learn to count, read and write with the Plan Toys Number 1-10 Wooden Blocks.