Plan Toys Meadow Ring Toss



Plan Toys Meadow Ring Toss is an exciting toddler toy for active kids to practice their aim and build coordination.

Get kids building their hand-eye coordination, patience, and aim in this fun active-play game designed for toddlers ages 3 and up! The Plan Toys Meadow Ring Toss is easy to set up and can be played by the whole family. Beginners can toss the rings at a close distance while those who are looking for a challenge can set them apart and even match the coloured beads with those found in the wooden post. It’s colour-matching athletic fun for kids who are full of energy.

The Plan Toys Meadow Ring Toss is a perfect way to enhance development in children’s visual skills, problem-solving, cooperation and coordination. It also promotes healthy competition and makes a great family activity during game nights!


  • Plan Toys Meadow Ring Toss has 3 wooden posts in different heights that are assembled on durable wooden bases with colour codes. Six rings are tossed in different distances and can be matched with the base colours.
  • Perfect for beginners and more advanced levels
  • Helps build skills that kids can use as they grow up, such as cooperation and problem solving
  • Promotes family and group bonding through healthy competition
  • Wooden rope and bases with rope rings
  • All Plan Toys toys are sustainably made from rubberwood trees, water-based dyes, organic pigments and formaldehyde-free glues.
  • Materials are tested to meet US and EU toy standards.
  • Suitable for toddlers with 3+ years
  • Base: 11 x 18.3 cm

Plan Toys Meadow Ring Toss is a great indoor and outdoor game for the whole family.