Plan Toys Cleaning Set



Get your kids into cleaning and start them young with the Plan Toys Cleaning Set. 

The Plan Toys Cleaning Set turns tedious chores into something fun. Teach your children the importance of keeping a clean space, and little by little have them help you as they grow up. As you play, you can also help them learn valuable life lessons such as hard work and responsibility with this toy set.


  • The Plan Toys Cleaning Set includes a bucket, spray bottle, squeegee, broom, and dustpan.
  • Child-safe and environmentally sustainable with materials from rubberwood trees, formaldehyde-free glues, organic pigments, and water-based dyes
  • Learning by role-playing and helps kids develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • Part of Plan Toys’ Pretend Role Play Collection along with Motor Mechanic, Doll Stroller, Doll Feeding, Dentist, Detective, Vet, Pet Care, Doctor, Hair Dresser, Makeup, and Tool Belt Set
  • Suitable for kids ages 3 and up

Let your kids mop, spray, and sweep to their heart’s content with the Plan Toys Cleaning Set.