Pinocchio Retold by Stephanie Dragone



Make bedtimes extra special and tell your child the story of Pinocchio Retold by Stephanie Dragone.

Based on the classic famous story originally written by Carlo Collodi, the story is tailored to be a perfect bedtime story. The story is about Pinocchio, the wooden toy crafted by Geppetto. Pinocchio dreams that someday he will become a real boy. He encountered adventures after adventure, as he learns lessons in life about love and family, but will his dream to become a real boy will ever happen?

Charming characters with stunning colours are displayed throughout the book, giving your kids a visual of the story as it unfolds. And as the story comes to an end, you can send your kids off to dreamland. 


  • Pinocchio Retold by Stephanie Dragone is a great way to encourage your kids to develop an interest in reading books.
  • A great way for your kids and family to enjoy the storybook together without using a mobile phone, tablet or any gadgets.
  • Written by Stephanie Dragone and Illustrated by Jennie Poh.
  • Format: Paperback with 48 pages.
  • Product dimension: 25.50 cm × 25.50 cm × 0.40 cm.
  • This book is suitable for your kids aged 3 and above.

Pinocchio Retold by Stephanie Dragone is a perfect storybook to read with your kids.