Peppa Pig George Catches A Cold



The George Catches A Cold from My First Storybook Peppa Pig Series allows your little Peppa fan to join in on one of their favourite character’s OINK-citing adventures!

There’s nothing better for Peppa and George than to play outside in the rain but George is stubborn and refused to wear his rain hat. The two enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles until George catches a cold! This children’s storybook will transport your little reader’s imagination into one of Peppa’s many adventures with her brother George. Featuring fan-fave characters like Peppa, George and more, My First Storybook Peppa Pig: George Catches A Cold is a fun educational book that was made to push your little Peppa fan to take the first few steps towards independent reading!


  • George Catches A Cold belongs to My First Storybook’s Peppa Pig series.
  • Inspired by the hit British animated TV series for preschoolers.
  • Features fan-fave characters like Peppa Pig, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig and more.
  • Product Dimensions: 21cm × 21.1cm × 0.73cm
  • Collect other Peppa Pig storybooks from My First Story Book series to discover more OINK-tastic adventures (each book sold separately).
  • Suitable for kids from 3 years and up.

Get your little Peppa fan to put on their imaginary boots for a muddy adventure with Peppa and George when they read the My First Storybook Peppa Pig: George Catches A Cold!