Our Generation Kaihily Pilot Doll



Our Generation Kaihily is a brown-haired 46cm-tall Pilot Doll with a full outfit plus a passport, a logbook and heaps of other accessories!

Our Generation dolls are gorgeous, large format dolls designed for extended doll and fashion play.  Amazing accessories such as horses, dollhouses, vehicles, and different outfits make the possibilities endless for your child to build and create their own Our Generation scenarios and act them out with their favourite dolls.

Our Generation Kaihily Pilot Doll comes with beautiful brown eyes and styles her dark brown hair in a simple ponytail to keep it away from her face as she maneuvers the plane to a safe flight! She’s living her dream as a pilot and has to travel a lot. As a pilot, she wears her uniform that consists of a crisp white shirt with epaulettes, a pair of burgundy pants, a pilot’s hat and a pair of comfy flat shoes. She even comes with a bunch of travel accessories such as her passport, carry-on luggage, a bunch of stickers, an ID badge and her logbook, making Kaihily a fantastic new addition to your child’s Our Generation family!

Features :

  • Our Generation Kaihily Pilot Doll includes:
    • 1 non-posable 46cm doll
    • 1 pilot cap
    • 1 shirt
    • 1 necktie
    • 1 pair of pants
    • 1 pair of undies
    • 1 pair of shoes
    • 1 suitcase
    • 1 passport
    • 1 pilot logbook
    • 1 ID badge
    • 1 sheet of travel stickers
  • Kids can rotate Kaihily’s neck, shoulders and hips to position her in different ways.
  • Kaihily’s hair can be styled in many different ways for more fun.
  • Compatible with most 18-inch dolls including American Girl and Journey Girl
  • No batteries required
  • Suitable for children from ages 3 years and older.

Encourage your child’s budding passion for travelling the world as a pilot by letting them go on imaginary adventures with Our Generation Kaihily Pilot Doll!