Our Generation Heals On Wheels Accessory Set



Our Generation Heals On Wheels Accessory Set is the perfect set to help your Our Generation doll recover fast

Our Generation dolls are gorgeous, large format dolls designed for extended doll and fashion play.  Amazing accessories such as horses, doll houses, vehicles, and different outfits make the possibilities endless for your child to build and create their own Our Generation scenarios and act them out with their favourite dolls.

Being out and about can be fun, productive and spontaneous but when you’re not careful, it can sometimes cause accidents that result in a sprained arm, ankle or even a broken leg. Our Generation Heals On Wheels Accessory Set will make sure that your kids’ Our Generation dolls stay off of their feet for a while during the recovery period! It comes with an x-ray to show which part is broken, a leg cast, crutches, bandages and other medical accessories plus a doll-sized wheelchair that has real wheels to make it easier for nurses or caregivers to push the recovering doll around for their needs.

Our Generation Heals On Wheels Accessory Set is perfect for your child to play doctor with whenever their Our Generation dolls need to slow down for a bit and focus on recovering.

Features :

  • Each Our Generation Heals On Wheels Accessory Set includes:
    • 1 wheelchair
    • 1 ice pack
    • 1 cast
    • 1 functional marker with lid
    • 1 pair of crutches
    • 1 stethoscope
    • 2 x-rays
    • 1 bandage
    • 2 sheets of adhesive bands
  • The included wheelchair comes with real working wheels that can be pushed around to transport recovering dolls.
  • No assembly needed.
  • Compatible with most 18-inch dolls including American Girl and Journey Girl
  • Dolls and outfits are sold separately. The dolls pictures are Noa and Meagann.
  • No batteries required
  • Suitable for children from ages 3 years and up.

Encourage your little doctor to have fun caring for their recovering dolls while playing with Our Generation Heals On Wheels Accessory Set.