Na Na Na Surprise Rebel Dare Teens Doll



Na Na Na Surprise Rebel Dare Teens Doll is a 28cm soft fabric doll with brunette hair, printed face and dog-inspired clothing.

Prepare your little girl for a unique unboxing experience with the Na Na Na Surprise Rebel Dare Teens Doll. The package opens to reveal a fantastic Doberman Pinscher dog-inspired doll, along with plenty of balloons that kids can pop to reveal her fashion and accessories.

Rebel Dare is a posable 28cm doll that looks stunning with her long, brunette locks, fuzzy dog hat and edgy, purple boots. Rebel Dare sports a rock star look with a tour T-shirt, plaid jacket and faux leather skirt. Kids can also style her hair with the adorable animal-shaped brush included in the set. Most of all, this stylish doll comes with a tag with her name, birthday and short information about her.


  • Na Na Na Surprise Rebel Dare is a teens fashion doll that is inspired by her favourite animal, the Doberman Pinscher.
  • The doll wears a shirt and leather skirt combo, plaid jacket, dog hat and purple boots.
  • Articulated at the neck, shoulders and hips so kids can pose and move her.
  • Made of soft plush and carefully crafted to last for years
  • Soft doll measures 28 cm (11”) tall
  • Collect other teen fashion dolls with their own unique styles and personality.
  • Perfect gift for kids 5 years old and up

Inspire your child’s passion for passion with the Na Na Na Surprise Rebel Dare Teens Doll.