My Mr. Men Collection Boxed Set By Roger Hargreaves



My Mr. Men Collection Boxed Set By Roger Hargreaves is an expressive set of 47 books, made for pre-readers to enjoy

“What does a tickle look like?” Adam asked his dad, Roger Hargreaves, author of the Mr. Men books. This then led to the creation of the first Mr. Men books “Mr. Tickle” who looks like a rounded, orange figure who has long, bendy arms! Each Mr. Men book features a different character with a single, dominant personality trait that teaches kids a simple moral lesson. With 47 out of the 85 books, My Mr. Men Collection Boxed Set is sure to be well-appreciated by any reader and is a great set of books to read to your child for storytime.


  • My Mr. Men Collection Boxed Set comes in a slipcase boxset complete with 47 titles, including:
    • Mr. Bounce
    • Mr. Bump
    • Mr. Brave
    • Mr. Busy
    • Mr. Chatterbox
    • Mr. Cheerful
    • Mr. Clever
    • Mr. Clumsy
    • Mr. Cool 
    • Mr. Daydream 
    • Mr. Dizzy 
    • Mr. Forgetful 
    • Mr. Funny 
    • Mr. Fussy 
    • Mr. Good 
    • Mr. Greedy
    • Mr. Grumble
    • Mr. Grumpy 
    • Mr. Happy 
    • Mr. Impossible 
    • Mr. Jelly
    • Mr. Lazy 
    • Mr. Mean 
    • Mr. Messy 
    • Mr. Mischief 
    • Mr. Muddle 
    • Mr. Nobody 
    • Mr. Noisy 
    • Mr. Nonsense 
    • Mr. Nosey 
    • Mr. Perfect 
    • Mr. Quiet 
    • Mr. Rude 
    • Mr. Rush 
    • Mr. Silly
    • Mr. Skinny
    • Mr. Slow 
    • Mr. Small
    • Mr. Sneeze 
    • Mr. Snow 
    • Mr. Strong 
    • Mr. Tall 
    • Mr. Tickle
    • Mr. Topsy Turvy 
    • Mr. Uppity 
    • Mr. Worry
    • Mr. Wrong
  • Based on the classic stories written by Roger Hargreaves.
  • Perfect for pre-readers and fans of Litte Miss series (sold separately).
  • Suitable for ages 2 years and up.

Allow your child to not just feel but to also see how words can come to life with My Mr. Men Collection Boxed Set By Roger Hargreaves!