My First Joke Book



My First Joke Book by Amanda Enright helps your child understand the concept of jokes!

Who isn’t fascinated by jokes? The ones who don’t get it! Help your child understand how jokes work by introducing them to the My First Joke Book! This book will send your child in a fit of giggles by providing simple puns featuring early vocabulary and easy-to-understand concepts mixed with cheeky illustrations by Amanda Enright. Topics include jokes about animals, food, sports and many more!


  • My First Joke Book belongs to the “My First” book collection.
  • Introduces children to basic jokes and puns with easy-to-understand concepts and simple vocabulary.
  • Topics range from animals to sports.
  • Illustrated by Amanda Enright.
  • Product Dimensions: 26.2cm × 23.3cm × 1cm
  • Suitable for kids from ages 5 years and up.

Help your child grasp how jokes work to apply to their daily life with My First Joke Book!