Mookie First Swingball Cricket Set



Mookie First Swingball Cricket Set lets you play cricket on virtually any surface

Playing a game of backyard cricket is terrific fun, but sometime there’s no grass to pop the stumps into, the Mookie First Swingball Cricket Set lets you do that on virtually any surface. It’s a pack away set that travels well in it’s case and can be set up to play anywhere.

Features :

  • The large sturdy base of the Cricket stumps can be filled with water or sand for extra stability and placed on soft or hard surfaces.
  • The set includes a pair of stumps, plastic cricket bat and 2 soft plastic balls.
  • The set packs away neatly into it’s case.


The Mookie First Swingball Cricket Set  is perfect for developing hand eye co-ordination and is a great indoor or outdoor game for the whole family.