Monsterverse 28cm Giant MechGodzilla Figure



Godzilla vs. Kong scenes come alive with this 28cm Mechagodzilla figure with movable parts and impressive plated details.

Mechagodzilla resembles a lot to Godzilla but with metallic dorsal plates running from its back to the tips of its tail, as seen in this formidable action figure. Standing tall at 28 cm or 11”, this gigantic character is ready for the ultimate battle showdown with one of nature’s strongest forces, Godzilla himself.

Prepare for an action-packed showdown as Godzilla meets his mech version. Kids will love the model’s movable parts as they recreate their favourite battle poses and scenes. This large-scale model is sure to be an essential piece in every Monsterverse fan’s collection with its impressive details.


  • Mechagodzilla figure has posable parts and authentic-looking details such as metallic scales and a drill on the tip of its tail.
  • This XL Mechagodzilla Figure stands 11” or 28 cm tall for a majestic battle.
  • Sculpted based on the popular 2021 blockbuster movie, Godzilla vs. Kong
  • Action figure with moveable arms gives kids plenty of opportunities to create their own stories.
  • Pair him with Giant Godzilla or Giant Kong for a legendary showdown.
  • Dimensions: 28 cm x 25.4 cm x 25.4 cm
  • The perfect gift for Monsterverse fans ages 3+ years

Engage kids in a fierce battle of warriors with this Monsterverse Godzilla vs. Kong Giant Mechagodzilla Figure.