Monopoly The Mega Edition Game



Monopoly The Mega Edition is the newest, fastest and biggest Monopoly gameboard ever!

The new Monopoly: The Mega Edition is the larger and faster update from the classic Monopoly. This new and awesome upgrade now includes a larger board, new depots, skyscrapers, new $1000 bills and special speed die and bus cards to take you quickly to where you want to go!

This upgrade surely takes you to a whole new level of MEGA exciting experience!


  • The Monopoly The Mega Edition includes:
1 x Quad-fold gameboard,
32 x houses,
12 x hotels,
8 x skyscrapers,
4 x depots,
10 x tokens,
37 x title deeds,
16 x chance cars
16 x community chest cards,
16 x bus tickets,
2 x dice,
1 x speed die,
A pad of money,
Tray and instructions
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and up

Own more, build more, get richer and play faster with Monopoly The Mega Edition!