Minnie Mouse Hopper Ball



The Minnie Mouse Hopper Ball is hopping good fun.

Get your child hopping around with this super bouncy Minnie Mouse Hopper Ball. A durable Grab N Grip handle makes it easy to hold onto your Hopper Ball as you bounce around and the Minnie Mouse theme will be popular with Minnie fans.

Features :

  • Made from tough heavy gauge vinyl the Minnie Mouse Hopper Ball can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Easy to grip Grab N Grip handle makes it simple to hold on as you bounce.
  • The set includes a 38cm Hopper Ball, 1 spare plus, 1 Inflation adapter, and instructions.
  • Deflate the ball for easy storage.
  • Contains no latex.
  • This Minnie Mouse Hopper Ball is recommended for children ages 4 and up and up to 45kg in weight.

Get hopping with the Minnie Mouse Hopper Ball. Please note designs may vary slightly from time to time from the image displayed.