Minions Splat ‘Ems Travel Playset



Minions Splat ‘Ems Travel Playset features 3 flight-ready mini-sized figures, a launcher, a target card, a cardholder and stickers!

Add some merriment to your child’s playtime when you surprise them with the Minions Splat ‘Ems Travel Playset! This fun playset includes 3 mini-sized Bob, Stuart and Kevin figures as well as accessories including a target card that kids have to build up, a cardholder, a launcher plus heaps of play areas that let kids aim at the included plane cards. This playset can even be folded for portability, making the Minions Splat ‘Ems Travel Playset a great gift for young Minion fans!


  • The Minions Splat ‘Ems Travel Playset includes:
    • 3 Mini-Sized Minions
    • 1 Launcher
    • 1 Buildable Target Card
    • 1 Cardholder
    • Sticky Targets
  • Enjoy launching the mini-sized Minions then watch as they fly out, bounce and stick, aim for targets or choose to shoot them to bounce around the playset’s play areas!
  • Store all of the included items inside the playset.
  • Designed to be compact and foldable for on-the-go fun!
  • Product Dimensions: 14cm x 4cm x 15cm
  • Suitable for kids, ages 4 years and older.

Take your child’s playtime to the next level of fun when you incorporate the Minions Splat ‘Ems Travel Playset into their collection!