Micro Machines Fire and Rescue Cargo Transporter



The Fire and Rescue Cargo Transporter is an airborne toy vehicle that carries 20 Micro Machines vehicles.

Prepare for a thrilling rescue mission with the Micro Machines Toy Cargo Transporter. It fits up to 20 Micro Machines toy vehicles and launches them into exciting rescues with the cargo-drop vehicle hatch. It’s one breathtaking airborne mission operation with spinning propellers to add to the thrill!

Once kids are done with their rescue, they can hook their vehicles and pull them back into the aircraft. With one exclusive vehicle included in the set, children are ready for amazing storytelling as they unbox the set!


  • Toy transporter holds up to 20 vehicles
  • This set includes 1 vehicle transporter toy and 1 exclusive vehicle
  • One-touch cargo drop and quick load cargo doors ensure the fun never stops
  • Working hatch to launch vehicles into missions
  • Retractable rescue hook when the mission is done
  • Rotating propellers for immersive role-play experience
  • High-quality construction in bright colours
  • Vehicle length is 30.48 cm, Package Dimensions: 33 x 12 x 22.86 cms
  • Recommended for kids 4+ years onwards

The Micro Machines Fire and Rescue Cargo Transporter is ready for your child’s mind-blowing rescue assignments.