Micro Facts: 500 Fantastic Facts About Inventions



Micro Facts: 500 Fantastic Facts About Inventions is your child’s companion in discovering different inventions created!

Reading books allow children to transport from our world to another! Prepare your children for academic success as you develop a special bond with your child, teach them discipline and concentration as you read books with them. Ignite your child’s imagination and creativity as they read and enjoy this book packed with 500-facts about different inventions.

Discussing inventions with your children is a way of introducing science and what it is about, and the importance of learning the topic. Let your child explore the world of machines and technology with 500-facts presented in a highly visual style that your children will enjoy!

This book offers different information and facts that your children will enjoy sharing with their friends. 


  • Micro Facts: 500 Fantastic Facts About Inventions include:
    • 500-facts about machines and technology
    • Sturdy board book
    • Well-crafted illustrations
    • Colourful images
    • Easy to read texts
  • Portable and easy-to-use
  • Supports the key stage 2 curriculum, great for home learning
  • An entertaining guide to the world of inventions
  • Product dimensions: 14.0cm x 16.0cm x 2.1cm
  • Recommended age: Children ages 8 years old and above

Let your child develop a lifelong love for reading and learning as they journey to learn about the world of the greatest inventions created in this Micro Facts: 500 Fantastic Facts About Inventions.