Memory Puzzles Book



Memory Puzzles feature a 160-paged book filled with heaps of tips, fun teasers and puzzles that help boost memory!

Get your child to ace their memorisation skills with the Memory Puzzles Book! This book opens up to 160 pages teeming with puzzles to solve that will help raise your child’s memory as they go along. It also comes with really helpful tips and fun teasers to make each puzzle fun and highly-entertaining.

It even provides some techniques as well as hints to make remembering and recalling things way easier than before, making the Memory Puzzles Book an amazing addition to your child’s daily reads or activities!


  • Memory Puzzles is a 160-paged book authored by Dr Gareth Moore.
  • Helps readers improve their memorisation skills by letting them solve various puzzles whilst discovering tips, tricks and techniques on how to solve them.
  • Some of the puzzles include memory sums, spot the difference and picture puzzles.
  • Product Dimensions: 19cm x 13.2cm x 1cm
  • Suitable for kids and adults from ages 8 years and older.

Allow your child to take the initiative when it comes to enhancing their memorisation skills by having them solve heaps of puzzles from the Memory Puzzles Book!