Maths Is Awesome! Book by Thomas Canavan



Maths Is Awesome! Book comes with 128 pages filled with 101 mind-blowing facts that no young mathematician should miss out on!

Add some math-derived facts to your child’s knowledge with the Maths Is Awesome Book! Authored by Thomas Caravan, this 128-paged book comes with 101 facts such as why honeycombs have 6 corners, how prime numbers can sometimes benefit insects when avoiding their predators and so much more. Young mathematicians and even kids who love interesting tidbits would totally love this book!


  • Maths Is Awesome! is a 128-paged book authored by Thomas Canavan.
  • This book is filled with 101 math-themed facts perfect for young mathematicians and fact lovers!
  • Also makes it easier for kids who aren’t fond of math to grasp real-life applications of the subject.
  • Product Dimensions: 25cm x 18cm x 1cm
  • Suitable for kids from ages 8 years and older.

Encourage your child’s love for facts lead them to learn how to appreciate maths with the Maths Is Awesome Book!