Marvel United X-Men Board Game



Marvel United X-Men Board Game allows players to choose between heroes or villains with its highly detailed game pieces.

Gather Marvel fans for a thrilling board game between heroes and villains. Team up and choose sides, or have one player take direct control of all the villains in this action-packed board game. Each villain has a unique master plan, including cards that activate different effects. Try to let the good guys win by choosing cards from the deck and combining them with other heroes to achieve various missions.

The Marvel United X-Men is compatible with the original Marvel United board game and its expansion sets. This board game comes with a highly detailed sculpt that brings the action to life.


  • The board game comes with:
    • 10 x Character Pieces
    • 4 x Villain Dashboards
    • 4 x Mission Cards
    • 8 x Locations
    • 96 x Hero Cards
    • 24 x Threat Cards
    • 3 x Challenge Cards
    • 1 x Mission Dashboard
    • 48 x Master Plan Cards
    • 12 x Super Villain Cards
    • 1 x Villain Tracker
    • 154 x Tokens
  • Tabletop figures have impressive sculpting and details
  • Designed for competitive and cooperative play
  • Compatible with all Marvel United board games
  • Playing Time: 40 mins
  • Max Players: 1 – 5 players
  • Suitable for ages 8 years old onwards

Kick back and relax with this enjoyable Marvel United X-Men Board Game.