Marvel United Card Game



Marvel United features a fast-paced and strategic card game with visually stunning graphics and mind-boggling challenges.

Build an incredible storyline, unite abilities, and save the world with your kids with the Marvel United board game. Your little Marvel fans are in for a treat as they take on the role of superheroes and band together to stop the master plan of powerful villains.

Little heroes must protect the innocent and defeat the enemy’s plan. Will they succeed? Players must carefully choose the Marvel United cards they’ll play as they strategize and combine superpowers to save the day.


  • Marvel United Card Game includes:
    • 7 Hero Pieces + 3 Villain Pieces
    • 84 Hero Cards
    • 3 Villain Dashboards
    • 36 Master Plan Cards + 18 Threat Cards
    • 8 Locations
    • 1 Mission Guide
    • 3 Mission Cards + 3 Challenge Cards
    • 156 Tokens + Instructions
  • Visually stunning display designed by Eric M. Lang, Andrea Chiarvesio, and Edouard Guiton
  • Cards from a unique deck are strategically used to trigger different outcomes.
  • Fast-paced and cooperative card game for friends and family
  • Improves critical thinking and social skill for kids and teens
  • Package Dimensions: 7 cm x 26 cm x 26 cm
  • Suitable for children 8+ year

Stand united with your mighty heroes for a chance of victory with the Marvel United Card Game.