Make and Play Pop Our Model Forest Animals Book



Blend easy press out model-building with this beautifully illustrated Forest book from Make and Play! 

Let your child learn all about the magical wonders of the natural world through this Make and Play Forest book. Perfect for all kinds of learners and listeners through the inclusion of insightful illustrations, descriptions and animal models that can be put together by your child. This book will guarantee to intrigue and fascinate even the most curious and imaginative of readers. 

Make and Play is a producer of products that focus on the blending of construct it yourself toys and models with illustrated stories. Ranging from lush forests to the harsh desert Savanah, Make and Play products will educate your young ones about the world outside their window, and spark their curiosity for something greater. 


  • Includes pop-out make it yourself models of forest animals
  • Includes a beautifully illustrated book
  • Kids can use this book to read and act out the story, or make up their own forest friends themed stories.
  • Suitable for ages 3+ 

Let your child express their creativity and curiosity for the animal world with this iconic Make and Play Pop Our Model Forest Animals Book.