Majorette 5-Level Parking Garage and Car



Majorette 5-Level Parking Garage and Car provides the perfect fun time for your kid’s imagination

This incredible Majorette 5-Level Parking Garage and Car offers a free passage for toy cars plus plenty of space and great features. All five levels are connected with wide curving ramps for toy cars to drive from top to bottom. There’s also a manual lift in the car park tower so cars can quickly go back to the top. 

Made of high quality, this multi-level parking garage includes a gas station with fuel pump, workshop and car wash. 

Features : 

  • A play set with 5 levels
  • Independent passageway from upper to lower deck
  • Car wash
  • Workshop
  • Gas station
  • Tower elevator
  • Vehicle included

Technical Specifications :

  • Dimensions: Height: 70.3 cm; Width: 50 cm; Length: 13.2 cm
  • Color: Green, Blue, Gray
  • Material: Plastic
  • Suitable for kids 5 years onwards

This is the ideal gift for kids who love cars and are always up for imaginative play.