LOL Surprise Tweens Doll Fancy Gurl



LOL Surprise Fancy Gurl is a Tweens Doll in a runway-ready pink fashion and 15 exciting surprises.

Expand your child’s collection of LOL dolls. The LOL Tween dolls are the big sisters of the LOL Surprise Dolls and the younger sisters to the OMG dolls. Like these dolls, they come with plenty of surprises and a fierce style that make them great gifts for girls who like fashion!

LOL Surprise Tweens Doll Fancy Gurl is crazy about pink — and you can see it in her outfit. She also loves all things fashion and makeovers. Kids can learn more about her as they read her paper journal. With lots of accessories inside, kids can dress up the doll and create incredible adventures for her. It’s the perfect gift for girls ages 4+ years who likes fashion and pretend play.


  • This set includes 1 Tweens fashion doll, hat box, garment bag, accessories, doll stand, brush, sticker and lots of surprises.
  • The reusable package converts into a bedroom playset.
  • Tweens doll is a new size of the LOL Surprise Doll. It measures 15.24cm tall.
  • Expand your child’s collection from LOL Surprise Tweens! with characters that include Cherry BB, Freshest, Fancy Gurl, and Hoops Cutie.
  • Dimensions: 25.4 cm x 6.35 cm x 5.08 cm
  • Recommended for kids 4+ years

Girly girls will love LOL Surprise Tweens Doll Fancy Gurl’s cute pink style and friendly personality.