Like My Father Always Said by Eric Mchugh



Full of gruff advice, sweet wisdom and half-baked instructions on how to fix life, Like My Father Always Said by Eric McHugh is your kid’s go-to book for that male-perspective guidance.

From the bestselling author of Like My Mother Always Said, Erin McHugh offers a new voice in a much-needed self-help book for young adults. “Like My Father Always Said…” is a collection of wisdom and quotes from fathers helpful in the growth and development of character.

This book contains unbiased and bold pieces of advice with humorous “how-tos” from reliable fathers. This self-help book is informative and useful for sons and daughters who want to discover life from a manly perspective. Topics range from teaching about life, fatherhood, relationships to knowing yourself. Fathers plainly communicate wisdom in a language they know better.


  • Written by Erin McHugh, publisher and author of more than 20 books including One Good Deed and Like My Mother Always Said
  • Published in a hardback edition
  • A guide book of wisdom, quotes, and instructions about life
  • Product Dimension: 13.9cm × 18.5cm × 1.9cm
  • Recommended for 18 years old onwards.
  • For readers ages 14 years old with parental guidance.

Develop your child’s character with life lessons from Like My Father Always Said by Eric McHugh and other books from the same author.