Lets Trace Numbers



Lets Trace Numbers can help your young ones recognize and identify numbers.

Build your child’s familiarity with numbers with the Lets Trace Numbers. Filled with fun-learning activities, this book contains tons of practice writing of numbers accompanied by charming scenes, and with the use of vivid and stunning colours. Using clear instructions that your kids can follow, your child will also be able to enhance their awareness with numbers.


  • The use of gadgets, mobile phones and tablets are no longer necessary.
  • Collect all Ready To Write Series (each sold separately).
  • Written by Laura Deo.
  • Format: Paperback with 48 pages.
  • Product dimension: 29.8 cm × 21.1 cm × 0.5 cm.
  • This book is suitable for your kids aged 3 and above.

Introduce your kids to the wonders of numbers with Lets Trace Numbers.