Lego Super Heroes Mr Freeze Batcycle Battle 76118



The Lego Super Heroes Mr Freeze Batcycle Battle 76118 is perfect for young Batman fans

Complete with Batman and Robin minifigures, a dual minifigure cockpit, a split function that divides the vehicles into two separate bikes, the Lego Super Heroes Mr Freeze Batcycle Battle is the perfect vehicle for pursuing the ice-cold supervillain, Mr Freeze. The buildable Batcycle also comes with a stud shooter as well as weapons that can be detached just in case the armed Mr Freeze minifigure decides to pursue battle while riding his snow scooter!

The Lego Super Heroes Mr Freeze Batcycle Battle is made for LEGO builders and Batman fans alike to create their very own customised designs using the included minifigures, weapons and an assortment of Bat elements in combination with the Instructions PLUS (available in the LEGO Life app for both smartphones and tablets) for the best building experience.


  • The Lego Super Heroes Mr Freeze Batcycle Battle comes with tons of building goodies including:
    • 3 Minifigures: 1 Batman Minifigure, 1 Robin Minifigure and 1 Mr Freeze Minifigure
    • 1 Batcycle with a Dual Minifigure Cockpit
    • 1 Stud Shooters
    • 1 Batman’s Batarang
    • 1 Grappling Hook Shooter
    • 1 Robin’s Sword
    • 2 Non-Shooting Guns
    • 2 Batwings
    • 1 Snow Scooter
    • 1 Mr Freeze’s Helmet
    • 1 Mr Freeze Backpack (with included Non-Shooting Freeze Gun)
    • 10 Assorted Action Pack Elements
  • The Batcycle features a split function to divide the vehicle into 2 separate bikes.
  • The weapons on the Batcycle can be detached and be used by the minifigures.
  • Use the 10 assorted Action Pack elements for customising builds, minifigures and weapons.
  • Perfect gift for Batman fans.
  • Access the intuitive Instructions PLUS building instructions for the Lego Super Heroes Batmobile Pursuit of The Joker using the LEGO Life app. Assist even little builders during the building process using the easy-to-use zoom, rotate and ghost-mode functions to visualise builds.
  • Batcycle Assembled Dimensions: 5cm x 11cm x 8cm
  • Snow Scooter Assembled Dimensions: 6cm x 4cm x 2cm
  • Suitable for ages 6 years and up.

Turn your child’s play centre into a mini Gotham City for an icy chase with the Lego Super Heroes Mr Freeze Batcycle Battle 76118.