LEGO Ninjago Journey to the Skull Dungeons 71717



LEGO Ninjago Journey to the Skull Dungeons lets children inside the thrilling world of ninjas where they battle creatures, dodge traps and rescue comrades.

Prepare your children for endless dungeon adventures as they re-create their favourite Ninjago scenes or build their own. This amazing LEGO building set also doubles as an exciting board game complete with a dice spinner, challenges and traps. Can your child escape ninja ambushes, prison guard Murt, and spiders to achieve the prized Shadow Blade of Deliverance and free a trapped ninja?

The LEGO Ninjago Journey to the Skull Dungeons captivates kids of all ages with its 4 mini-figures that include their favourite heroes, enemy Murt and a toy dungeon they can build on their own or with friends. It’s the perfect gift for LEGO builders and ninja fans.


  • LEGO Ninjago Journey to the Skull Dungeons is a 401-piece ninja building set that includes a dungeon toy with a prison cell, as well as four toy figures.
  • Characters include Hero Jay, Hero Lloyd, Hero Nya, and Murt.
  • Dice spinner doubles the fun and turns this into an exciting board game.
  • Detailed instructions are included, so parents can help their children build and create.
  • No battery required for little ninjas to enjoy many dungeon adventures anywhere they go.
  • Dungeon set measures 13 x 22 x 20 cm, perfect for playing at home or on the go.
  • Suitable for 7 years old onwards.

Fire up your child’s imagination and dive in the many adventures in LEGO Ninjago Journey to the Skull Dungeons.