LEGO Juniors Jurassic World T-Rex Breakout 10758



LEGO Juniors Jurassic World T-Rex Breakout 10758 lets your child have a thrilling Jurassic adventure

Let your child build a T Rex with a jaw that can open, 2 quick-start building boards with a gate, a fragile fence and a wall element, a small research base and a truck with quick-start chassis. This set features a simple guide with building and playing tips. Designed for an easy start with the LEGO® brick, LEGO Juniors sets come with easy instructions and quick start elements to get the play started sooner.


  • Includes 3 minifigures: Claire, a guard, and a scientist, plus figures from a T. rex and a baby dinosaur
  • Accessories include a truck with quick-start chassis, a tailgate that can be opened with space for a crate, plus a movable, buildable T. rex with a beak that can be opened
  • Also comes with 2 quick-start construction panels (one with a door that can be opened and the other with a wall element), a movable robot arm and attached piece of fence that can be broken away, plus a small research base with a suitcase, monitor and small fenced area.
  • Quick start elements get the play started sooner
  • Easy instructions encourage building independence
  • A LEGO® building and play experience designed for young builders
  • T. rex measures over 4″ (11cm) high, 11″ (28cm) long and 2″ (6cm) wide. 
  • Truck measures over 2″ (6cm) high, 3″ (9cm) long and 1″ (4cm) wide. 
  • Main gate with fence measures over 5″ (14cm) high, 8″ (22cm) wide and 4″ (11cm) deep. 
  • Science station measures over 2″ (7cm) high, 3″ (8cm) wide and 1″ (4cm) deep.
  • Recommended age: 4 years and up

The LEGO Juniors Jurassic World T-Rex Breakout is a perfect gift for adventurous and creative kids