LEGO Friends Beach Glamping 41700



LEGO Friends Beach Glamping is a stylish 380-piece building set with characters from Heartlake City.

Young builders who enjoy a day at the sea will enjoy recreating the camping experience with this colourful LEGO building set. The LEGO Friends Beach Glamping is feature-packed with 380 play pieces, including 3 mini-dolls and many accessories for a fun day outdoors. Kids will enjoy building and making up stories with paddleboards for characters, an outside shower and toilet and a tent that closes up for the night.

The LEGO Friends Beach Glamping 41700 is simple enough for kids 6 years and older to assemble, plus it comes with a digital guide to make building lots of fun. With this LEGO Friends set, kids can use their imagination and hands to create stories of friendship and adventure!


  • This 380-piece building set for kids includes:
    • 3 mini-doll characters
    • Puppy figure
    • Tent with bunk beds
    • Stove and fabric cover
    • Spinning wind turbine for power
    • Stylish accessories such as shell-tiled toilet, bedside lamps and more make camping fun and fashionable

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  • Create beach stories with paddleboards, sandcastles and shells, campfire and lots of camping gear
  • Digital instruction guide is available by downloading the free Building Instruction App where kids can zoom, rotate or visualize their models
  • Measures 17 cm high x 25 cm wide when assembled
  • Suitable for kids ages 6 years and older

Inspire kids to plan, build and create a perfect summer by the seaside with the LEGO Friends Beach Glamping 41700.