LEGO City Fire Station 60320



LEGO City Fire Station 60320 is an exciting multi-model brick set that features 2 characters and fun details.

Tickle your little firefighter’s imagination with thrilling elements, designs and builds inside the LEGO City Fire Station 60320. This 540-piece fire station set features a buildable fire truck, helicopter, dog and cat figures, 5 mini-figures and a LEGO road plate.

Open the box to possibilities in storytelling. This modular building set highlights a three-level fire station, interactive vehicle features and familiar characters that kids usually see on Lego City TV. The LEGO City Fire Station 60320 is also expandable and compatible with other sets via the LEGO Road Plate System.


  • The 540-piece LEGO set for kids include:
    • 3-level fire station
    • Helicopter
    • Truck
    • 5 mini figures
    • Dog figure
    • Cat figure
    • LEGO road plate
    • Accessories such as 4 helmets, walkie-talkie, drinks mug, fire axe, pizza box, and fire extinguisher
  • Interactive elements include:
    • Water splat from the fire helicopter
    • Water dart from the fire truck
  • Includes printed and digital building guides for kids to visualize completed models.
  • Fire Station measures 30 cm high, 34 cm wide and 32 cm deep
  • Suitable for kids ages 6 years and older

Develop your child’s physical skills and confidence through creative play with the LEGO City Fire Station 60320.