LEGO City Fire Helicopter 60318



LEGO City Fire Helicopter takes imagination skyward with a buildable toy vehicle, 2 mini-figures and accessories.

Jumpstart your child’s brick building journey with the LEGO City Fire Helicopter. This starter set features a pre-moulded Starter Brick chassis for a frustration-free experience.

The LEGO City Fire Helicopter features a buildable and interactive toy helicopter with a cockpit, spinnable rotors and storage space. With fun mini-figures and accessories for storytelling, this is a great starting piece for beginner builders aged 4 years and older.


  • This 53-piece brick building set for kids includes:
    • Toy fire helicopter
    • Firefighter figure
    • Vendor figure
    • Trash can with LEGO flames
    • Accessories such as hotdog, burnt hotdog, hotdog roll, flight helmet and walkie-talkie
    • And more!
  • The helicopter comes with a storage compartment, spinnable rotors and mini-figure cockpit.
  • Fire helicopter measures 8 cm high x 12 cm long x 5 cm wide
  • Suitable for kids aged 5 years and older

Encourage kids to build with LEGO with this set designed specifically for young children.