Legacy Classics Cribbage



Legacy Classics Cribbage features 52 playing cards and 6 movers encased in a beautiful mahogany set.

Encourage your child to be the winner in a battle of wits. The Legacy Classics Cribbage offers kids a challenging surprise as they test their luck and numerical skills.

The player who scores 121 points and more wins the game. The Legacy Classics Cribbage helps kids practice their arithmetic abilities as each playing card comes with a numerical value, and the pegging board determines each player’s scoring.


  • The Legacy Classics Cribbage includes 6 movers and 52 playing cards.
  • Encased in beautiful mahogany that doubles as a great display piece
  • Easy to learn gameplay
  • Accommodates 2-4 players
  • Develops kids’ analytical and social skills
  • Ideal for classic game lovers ages 8+ years

Find out if kids have the luck and the brains it takes to win the Legacy Classics Cribbage.