La La Llamas Interactibe Baby Book



La La Llamas! is a great way to enhance your child’s early development.

What better way to encourage early reading than doing it through a rhyming storybook. The fun part is you get to do it with the lovable llamas. Llamas love singing and they find it hard to stop once they start. Your little one will enjoy the wobbly eyes and zipper mouth of this rhyming storybook, complete with adorable llamas illustrated in bright and beautiful colours. Your little reader’s imagination will run wild and free along with the noisy but cute llamas. 


  • La La Lllamas! promotes reading and learning at an early age.
  • Belongs to the Wobbly-Eye Zipper Book Series
  • Published by Image That Publishing
  • Features 10 pages of colourful illustration to capture your child’s attention
  • Offer colourful pages of learning materials, perfect for your child’s little hands and eyes.
  • With playful activities on every page, your child will have lots of fun for hours on end.
  • Product dimension is 17.8cm x 17.8cm x 1.9cm
  • Recommended for children aged 3 to 5 years old

Encourage early reading with La La Llamas! Rhyming Storybook