Kindi Kids S5 Bubble N Sing Poppi Pearl Doll



Kindi Kids S5 Bubble N Sing Poppi Pearl Doll sings, blows bubbles and gives lots of laughter.

Poppi pearl is a bubbly and cuddly baby doll that loves to play. She also likes blowing bubbles. Kids only need to feed this toy doll with her bottle, press the shell on her bathing suit, and Poppi Pearl will say, “It’s bubble time!”. Listen to her sing, and then in a few seconds, she will blow fantastic bubbles that smell like ice cream. Kids can also blow bubbles with their Kindi Kids Doll using the included bubble wand.

When you don’t like your kids to make a mess, you can change Poppi Pearl’s bubble-making mode into an “Indoor Mess-Free Mode”. During this mode, Poppi Pearl will just sing without blowing bubbles. The Kindi Kids S5 Bubble N Sing Poppi Pearl Doll comes with her own feeding bottle, pacifier and a bubble wand. Check out her big sister Pearlina (sold separately).


  • This set includes:
    • 1 x electronic doll
    • 1 x feeding bottle
    • 1 x bubble wand
    • 1 x instruction manual
  • Doll measures 16.51 cm or 6.5 inches
  • Part of the Kindi Kids Series 5 collection
  • Poppi Pearl can blow hundreds of ice cream scented bubbles.
  • As she blows, she giggles and sings a happy bubble song.
  • Feed the doll with her bottle so she can blow bubbles
  • Kids can also blow bubbles using the Bubble Wand.
  • Indoor mess-free mode ensures the fun never stops.
  • Great toy for girls, ages 3 years and above

Prepare for sweet and bubbly fun with the adorable Kindi Kids S5 Bubble N Sing Poppi Pearl Doll.