Kindi Kids S4 Show n Tell Pets Teah The Koala Figure



Kindi Kids Show n Tell Pets Teah the Koala Figure features Bella Bow’s adorable pet and her Shopkin tea accessory.

Kindi Kids pets have matching looks with their owners, making them great partners for your child’s dolls. Teah is Bella Bow’s pet koala, and there’s no doubt about it. She’s blue, sweet and loves to sleep. However, give her a sip of her favourite Eucalyptus tea and she’s wide awake as can be.

Place the tea in Teah’s mouth and watch her react. She will open her eyes when she sips the tea. Kids can also stroke her head and watch her fall back to sleep. Collect all four Kindi Kids Show n Tell Pets to expand the fun.


  • This set includes a pet figure and a Shopkins tea accessory.
  • Teah the Koala matches the sweet styling of its owner, the Kindi Kids Bella Bow Doll.
  • Pet figure reacts when put the tea in her mouth.
  • Koala figure measures 10.16 cm (4 inches)
  • Collect other Kindi Kids Show n Tell Pets that include Caterina the Kitten, Marlo the Rabbit, Pupkin the Puppy, and Teah the Koala.
  • Item Dimensions: 7 cm x 10.54 x 12.19 cm
  • Suitable for kids ages 3+ years

Kindi Kids Show n Tell Pets Teah the Koala Figure is the perfect companion for your child’s Bella Bow doll.