Kids Electronic Traffic Light Set



Kids Electronic Traffic Light Set is awesome fun to play in the backyard or inside

Whether you are riding a bike or a trike or the latest in a ride-on cars this Kids Electronic Traffic Light Set is sure to bring a semblance of control to your backyard streets. The Kids Electronic Traffic Light Set is fantastic, fun and actually features real-life light sequencing with real traffic sounds. 

Includes a fun traffic conductors wand with lights and sounds, whistle and traffic conductors badge.


  • Two modes of play :
    • Automatically changes between red, yellow, and green lights
    • Provides kids with traffic information and rules
  • Realistic working lights and traffic sounds
  • Kids can learn traffic regulations and rules
  • Stands 80cm tall with a sturdy round base that can be filled with water or sand for more stability.
  • Fun traffic controllers wand with lights makes this set extra fun, as does the whistle and badge.
  • Requires 3 X AA and 3 X AAA batteries, which are not included.

Don’t let your backyard and loungeroom road turn into anarchy. Install a traffic light for your safety.