Justice League My Busy Books



Justice League My Busy Books is a thrilling activity set that will ignite your children’s creative superpower ideas.

Justice League My Busy Books features the exciting quests of the adventure-filled lives of Wonder Woman, Superman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Flash, and their other superhero friends. This activity book will allow your children the importance of working together towards one goal. This activity book includes 12 mini character figurines that your children can play with as he develops his creativity by telling stories based on their imaginations.


  • Justice League My Busy Books contains 10 fully illustrated and action-packed pages.
  • The joy of reading and sharing of creative ideas is going to be a long-time activity for the family with this sturdy board book.
  • Justice League My Busy Books includes a storybook, playmat, and 12 mini character figurines for your children to enjoy whilst engaging themselves with the exciting adventure of saving the people and the world against the supervillains.
  • This activity set measures 5 × 20 × 4.1 cm and is an excellent tool to improve your children’s communication and motor skills.
  • Suitable for Ages 3 years and up.

Let your children realize the value of friendship and teamwork at an early age with Justice League My Busy Books!