Joie Junior Litetrax Doll Pushchair



Joie Junior Litetrax Doll Pushchair, your child will enjoy bringing their favourite baby doll everywhere they go!

It’s amazing how quickly young children can learn, even before they start school. Toddlers get gain fine and gross motor skills through rocking, strolling, and shushing their baby dolls in this pushchair. Creative, smart and empathetic kids start their development at home. Use these precious years to teach your kid the value of caring for others.

Made from the highest quality material, this pink and black Joie Junior Litetrax Doll Pushchair will last for a long time so your child will enjoy it for many years to come. This product is foldable and compact so you can take it anywhere with you and your child’s baby doll gets to travel in style!


  • Joie Junior Litetrax Doll Pushchair fits most standard-sized baby dolls
  • The handle is 64cm
  • Removable front bumper
  • Foldable and compact
  • Features swivel wheels and an under basket for extra storage
  • Colour: Pink and black
  • Suitable for kids, 3 years old onwards

Realize your child’s potential by developing their imagination skill at a younger age with Joie Junior Litetrax Doll Pushchair.