John Deere Trike and Wagon



The Trike and Wagon is a ride-on toy that comes in John Deere’s signature green and yellow colours for your child’s hauling adventures!

Little ones love to imitate what the adults do on a daily basis. Let them help out in the little ways that they can with the John Deere Trike and Wagon! This adorable pedal-powered ride-on toy comes in John Deere’s green and yellow signature colours with enough space in the wagon for toys, books and even some food. The tractor and the attached wagon are very easy to assemble and feature a wide wheelbase to ensure that your child can ride smoothly.

Constructed with heavy-duty steel for durability, this John Deere Trike and Wagon will surely be a wonderful new addition to your child’s day outs!


  • This John Deere Trike and Wagon set is a ride-on pedal-powered toy that comes in John Deere’s signature green-framed body and yellow wheels.
  • Easy-to-assemble.
  • Kids can store some items in the wagon such as toys, books and even food.
  • Made of heavy-duty steel to ensure durability.
  • Product Dimensions: 119.9cm x 41.9cm x 45.7cm
  • Approximate Maximum Weight Capacity: 17kg
  • Perfect for kids from 18 months to 3 years.

Encourage your little one to ride around as they play pretend or do real child-sized chores with the John Deere Trike and Wagon!