In My Little Stripy Bed – A Count to Ten Book



In My Little Stripy Bed, A Count to Ten Book is more than a book. It is a great way to introduce your kid’s to counting numbers.

In My Little Stripy Bed – A Count to Ten Book, is a bedtime picture storybook. It comes with a plush head of Toddler Time’s Archie that is soft. The artist used vivid and contrasting colours on each page, making it attractive to your kid’s eyes. Adorable and cute characters such as crocodiles and elephants were added on each page of this bedtime picture storybook.


  • A great way to introduce your kids on how to count numbers while enhancing their skills in number recognition.
  • The use of mobile phones, tablets or gadgets is not necessary, and parents can use the bedtime picture storybook to spend some quality time with their young ones.
  • The book illustration was by Katie Saunders.
  • Collect all Toddler Time series (each sold separately).
  • The format is board back with 24 pages.
  • Product Dimension: 22.6 cm × 13.4 cm × 1.7 cm.
  • The book is suitable for kids 1 year of age and above.

Help your kids develop their skills with numbers with the In My Little Stripy Bed – A Count to Ten Book.