Guess Who Board Game



The Guess Who is a reinvented version of the original guessing game!

Originally made in 1979, the Guess Who, The Original Guessing Game is back with updated features! The two-player game now lets the players get rid of wrong faces to guess who’s on their opponent’s card! Each player can now ask the other with yes or no questions such as, “Are you wearing a hat?” or “Do you have a beard?” Once the player has their answer, they just guess! 

Complete with 2 gameboards, face and mystery cards, scoring pegs and instructions to refresh seasoned players and introduce new players into the fun game, the Guess Who Game is a fantastic addition to any game night or your child’s playtime routine!


  • The Guess Who includes:
    • 2 Gameboards
    • 48 Face Cards
    • 24 Mystery Cards
    • 10 scoring Pegs
    • 1 Instructions Sheet
  • Each player must attempt to guess each other’s mystery characters!
  • A reinvented version of the classic game from 1979.
  • The gameboards require adult assembly.
  • Package Dimensions: 30.9cm x 25.4cm x 4.4cm
  • Suitable for kids from 6 years and older.

Invite the whole family to a round of Guess Who Game and let everyone get creative with their questions to win!