Grimms Fairy Tales



Grimms Fairy Tales sparks the imagination of kids as each story brings them into the fantasy world.

The Grimms Fairy Tales is originally entitled as Children’s and Household Tales. A collection of fairy tale stories by the Grimms brothers. The book is filled with timeless fairy tale stories such as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Rapunzel and much more.

Filled with talking candlesticks, house build from candies, talking animals, friendly dwarfs mining for diamonds, magic and spells the stories can bring your kids imagination into the land of make-believe. Each fairy tale story offers golden lessons in life, that your child can learn from.


  • The fairy tale storybook can influence your kids to fall in love with books, hence enhancing not only their reading comprehension but also their imaginative minds.
  • A perfect storybook to be read by parents to their kids, giving them hours of quality time without the use of gadgets, mobile phones or tablets.
  • The storybook was written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.
  • The format of the storybook is paperback with 235 pages filled with exciting fantasy tales.
  • Product Dimension: 19.8 cm × 12.9 cm × 1.45 cm
  • This storybook is suitable for 8 years old onwards.

Let the timeless classical stories of Grimms Fairy Tales be part of your kid’s world.